Battlefront 2 Now Has A Pride And Accomplishment Mod

Memes never die. Sometimes they fade away, but then the kind of people who control the meme market push old ones to the front of the line again. “Pride and Accomplishment” became an immortal meme when it helped EA nab the coveted prize of “most downvoted comment in Reddit history“. PC Gamer’s Fraser Brown had his eagle eyes on when he spotted this wonderful mod.

Pride and Accomplishment
Pride and AccomplishmentNexus Mods • Fair Use

The Pride and Accomplishment mod will replace those Lootcrate textures to remind you why you paid for them in the first place. New Lootcrates will arrive in a smashing blue color, with a star motif. Emblazoned on the side, in bright yellow and a Star Wars title font are those immortal words, “pride and accomplishment”. Created by Dareedevokl, they have done sterling work on this one.

I’m a big fan of mods, from all the the stuff that used to make ARMA so great, to the one that replaces every texture in Dark Souls with a picture of Nicholas Cage’s face. There may yet come a day where the only freedom of expression we have is the mods we can sneak into the games that our Giant Ant Overlords force us to play as part of their studies of humanity.

The best thing about this mod? It arrives just as an important conversation was starting in games, and gamers seemed to have lost their drive to keep it going. The sleepy acceptance of terrible micro-transactions in full priced games is not a good thing. If this helps to remind people that they should be on their guard, or even just makes a few people laugh, then it is a good thing.