Star War Battlefront 2 Season 2 Detailed, DICE Revamped Progression System


Star War Battlefront 2 will get a newly revamped progression system followed by a new season and a new game mode in coming months. The content planned is announced by DICE. There are three major things that will be part of this upcoming update. First is as mentioned about the revamped progress system. The new game mode will include Jetpack Cargo and there is nothing much revealed on the new season.

Star War Battlefront 2

For the progression system, the developers have taken a new approach. Depending on the feedback from the users the developer had plans to fix things as asked by the gamers. All details about the new changes will be shared in March. Jetpack Cargo is the new game mode that will be introduced in February. A team of 8 players can use jetpacks and compete in a Jetpack Cargo match. This mode will be available for a limited time.

For the new Season, DICE mentioned that a lot of insights from the first season will be integrated into the new plans. Yet DICE did not specify actual details what new content the Season will offer. DICE also shared a lot of stats on the official site on choices of players for characters, ships, etc.

Star War Battlefront 2 had landed into major controversy last year due to its in-game purchase model which later was revoked by EA for some time. This was among the biggest controversies last year and has caused a huge damage to the game reputation. Later as the purchasing system was revoked, developers increased the credit rewards and craft parts for the players who can earn them during the matches. There was also an increase in daily Credit cap of Arcade Mode.