Battlefront II Community Update Details Rise of Skywalker Characters and Locations


The team behind Star Wars: Battlefront II has released a new Community Update video detailing some of the new characters and locations coming to the game as part of its December Rise of Skywalker content drop.

With the new film releasing today, Battlefront II has, naturally, been gearing up to bring content to the game to tie in with it. The new update has brought new characters to the game, a new map to play in, and some new appearances for the heroes of the sequel trilogy.

The update brings four new reinforcements from the sequel era films to play as. The first is the Infiltrator Class Sith Trooper, donned in its striking red armor that specializes in speed and advanced weaponry. The Aerial Reinforcement and revamped First Order Jet Trooper can use their jets to fly, dodge, and engage in aerial combat above the battlefield. Finally, there will be anew “Gunner” and “Spy” unit to take to the battle as well, based on two new alien species from the new film.

A new planet, Ajan Kloss, is coming to the game as well. A lush, jungle planet, Ajan Kloss will have players either playing as the Resistance or the First Order, as well as the game’s co op mode. Some new maps will also be joining this mode, including Jakku, Takodana, and Starkiller Base.

New appearances are available for some iconic characters from the new trilogy. Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren are all getting new outfits to reflect their characters in the new film.

But this just the content that is coming this month. The stream of content extends into next month as well when the game brings the Capital Sumpremacy mode to the sequel era maps, having players fight on the ground before heading up to a their starship to either defend or destroy it. For fans of the droid sidekicks of the film, the little ball of bracery, BB-8, is coming to join the Heroes as a playable character, with his sinister counterpart, BB-9E, joining the villains.

Battlefront II was hit with massive controversy when it first launched due to its mishandling of microtransactions and pay to win mechanics. The team at DICE quickly removed those microtransactions and have worked hard to bring the game a steady stream of free updates and content, turning the game into, honestly, a really fun Star Wars shooter. If you are looking for a really authentic game to replicate the feelings of those iconic battles from the movies, Battlefront II has become the best option for that.

Star Wars: Battlefront II is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.