Battletoads are back and with a brand new look | E3 2019


After being announced at last year’s conference, Xbox finally showed the remastered version of Battletoads that will be coming to consoles later this year.

The completely new look almost takes a page out of the new Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show in how the characters look more cartoony and have extremely fluid animations.

Battletoads New Look

They have redone most of the game in the usual beat-em-up style, but they have also switched things up by taking a pseudo-3D look behind the Toad’s back. Of course, the difficulty will likely still be legendary and make people throw controllers in frustration.

There is still no word on a release date, but it does have a 2019 release window, which will probably be announced shortly, if not at another conference – like Nintendo’s. When it does launch, the game will be available on Game Pass from day one.