Bayonetta 3 And Metroid Prime 4 For Switch Releasing In 2018 As Per Nintendo Norway


Nintendo Norway through a blog post shared info about Bayonetta 3, Metro Prime 4 and a new Pokemon Go game is under development for Nintendo Switch. According to the short content, the game would be releasing this year but when it is still a mystery. We are sharing a tweet below that gives the glimpse of text those talks about these three games for Switch.

Bayonetta 3 Switch

The speculation has been rising on various news sources, it looks Nintendo has plans to bring the games on Switch somewhere this year. Bayonetta 3 was revealed during The Game Awards 2017. Metroid Prime 4 was also revealed last year but there was very less info on its release date.

Until today it has been pretty long time and yet Nintendo has not shared any major updates about the game. It was later found Platinum Games is working on Bayonetta 3 for Switch while the team behind Metroid Prime 4 is still a secret.

The shared info on the blog cannot be considered as official, still, there are chances that there can be some possibilities of truth not rumor about the information. Later the page was updated and info about the games was removed. So there are chances that it could have been published by mistake, but the blog did not clarify this. All we have to do is wait and watch for the release dates of this fascinating games coming on Switch.