Some copies of Bayonetta 2 for Nintendo Switch have invalid Bayonetta codes


The ports of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 were released yesterday for the Nintendo Switch. Some fans, however, soon found out that certain codes for a digital download of Bayonetta couldn’t be redeemed.

Users swarmed to Reddit and social media websites to find out if anyone else had the same problems. Apparently, codes that start with “URPH” are incorrect and shouldn’t have been included in boxed copies to begin with.

There are also some reports of purchases made from Amazon and GameStop where similar codes were distributed.

This problem has escalated to the point where Nintendo of America is asking game owners to contact them if they’re having any problems. You can also call Nintendo of America’s customer support number (1-800-255-3700) to get further help.

It seems like the issue is only happening with American copies of the game, however, as there have been no reports of similar problems in Europe or other major regions at this time.