Beat Saber update totally changes the game with a new look and more notes

Stop, turn, and take a look around at all these new lights and sounds.

Image via Beat Saber YouTube

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VR rhythm game Beat Saber has seen a good number of updates since its 2018 launch, with artists like Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, and Skrillex joining the soundtrack. Now, nearly four years later, it’s changing things up big time.

OST 5, aka update 1.20.0, is available right now, and the release trailer gives us a glimpse of what’s inside. You’ll notice a very different look for the game — the “new lighting system and incredible environment” are specifically named in the description. You might also notice some different notes from the regular red and blue squares you’re used to. Arc and chain notes are new additions, and they’re marked by paths of light leading to, from, and linking the note squares. Not only do you need to strike the notes as usual, but you’ll have to swipe and hold your controllers in a certain direction to trace the light when these new notes come your way.

Also included in OST 5 are 36 new maps and 6 more songs. All of this content is free, and the new songs are content ID-free as well, which is important for anyone looking to stream Beat Saber. The new arc and chain notes also seem ripe for more wild custom songs. If you’re looking to dabble in that yourself, here’s how to download and play them.