Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beginner’s Guide | What to Know in the Early Game


Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one massive game. There’s so much you need to do simply to survive and keep on the right path that it can be a bit dizzying. It’s like taking an already hardcore RPG like Skyrim and then forcing players to learn how to do the very things that would normally be taken care of for them from the start. Consider the fact that you need to learn how to read, fight, and perform various other actions that you may never have considered having to learn before.

It’s a doozy, and you’ll have to keep your wits about you if you want to survive. But whether you want to mold protagonist Henry into a formidable knight or at the very least someone who knows how to swing a sword, these beginner’s tips should help see you through to the end of the game, or at the very least a decent ways into it. 

Make sure you’re always prepared for combat

Image via Warhorse Studios

Unlike many other games where all you need to do is swing a sword a few times, connect with your enemy, and watch them fall over, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is all about making sure you learn the art of swordplay. You’re going to want to actually pay attention in this regard, or you will end up failing. With that in mind, try to stay as prepared for battle as you possibly can, whether that means keeping yourself healed up or having the proper equipment at all times if you can help it.  

You can die at any moment during even the smallest trifle, and with the game being as austere as it is, that can mean the difference between saving yourself a few hours of pain or having to replay it all again. With that said, never underestimate your enemies. If possible, make sure your character is always equipped for battle. Sometimes you won’t be afforded this luxury ahead of time, so do your best to try and think ahead. 

Always assess the level of danger facing you with any battle you find yourself in. If you think you’re going to end up bleeding out or suffering a broken bone (or worse), then running from the fight may be a viable option. If your enemy has a ranged weapon this may still be a foil for you, but for most fights you can opt to flee. 

Treat Henry like family 

Image via Warhorse Studios

This may sound pretty weird, but Henry, your protagonist, is just like a living person in some aspects. He’s not an all-powerful being and actually needs to be kept clean, fed, well-rested, and in good spirits. You can’t just use a potion and expect him to be back 100% fighting fit again. You need to make sure these potential problems are addressed as soon as possible, or you won’t be able to succeed. 

Make sure you use the beds and mattresses around the world to let Henry sleep, feed him nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, and make sure you hover at 100 percent hunger level so Henry isn’t suffering from the ill effects of overeating. Also ensure he doesn’t remain poisoned, overburdened, or saddled with any of the negative status effects that are possible to be hit with throughout the course of the game. Approach taking care of Henry like you would a real person in some aspects and make sure all his needs are met. 

Keep an eye on your health and stamina

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Your health in Kingdom Come: Deliverance will not continuously regenerate after you exit a battle. It doesn’t happen during battle, either, so that’s one important thing you just keep in mind. If you get hit, you won’t be able to simply bandage up and keep moving. That’s why your stamina bar is so useful. If you get hit a few times by an enemy, your stamina bar will first be depleted. It will regenerate, but not your health points. Those are gone until you heal up with food and herbs and bandages.

You may even break a bone here and there and need to have Henry sit out of a few battles until he’s ready to hit the road a healed man once more. There are a few attacks your stamina bar just can’t protect you from, like if you’re suddenly hit in the head and killed by an arrow or something similar, but for the most part, it’s a good buffer. 

Don’t rack up too many negative interactions with others

Image via Warhorse Studios

It may be fun to run around town and punch people with abandon, but your behavior can and will come back to haunt you. If you decide you’re going to steal a bunch of items from folks in town, you’ll be accosted by guards. People will refuse to speak to you. Don’t make it a habit to mess with the NPCs who’ve done you no harm. It’s fun to do this in some games where there just aren’t any consequences, but it’ll only set you back in this game. 

If you want to test out these kinds of fun and silly things, just make a new game to play around. Your public perception matters in this game, a lot. It could mean the difference between making progress or having to start over. It may be difficult if you’re not used to this in real life, but start caring what people think of you.