Belle Delphine May Return to Instagram

The internet celebrity Belle Delphine that made headlines for her now-infamous Gamer Girl Bath Water teased a return to Instagram. Following the events surrounding the bathwater product line, Belle Delphine’s Instagram was banned. It seems she will be returning soon.

According to Dextero, Belle Delphine mentioned in a Patreon post that she is currently working with Instagram to restore her account. The post is only available to Patrons but references a planned vacation just as her Instagram account was banned. She says that Instagram is currently working on restoring it, but it is running into “technical issues.”

Belle Delphine made a big name for herself with her Gamer Girl Bath Water early this summer. Before this, she earned her previous fame with questionable content on her Instagram and potentially more adult content on her Patreon. Following this, Reddit users targeted her Instagram, and mass reported it for pornographic content, getting it banned.

Whether the lewd content violated Instagram’s terms of conditions is for Instagram to decide. It was most undoubtedly lewd, but no worse than many other Instagram models.

Belle Delphine added that until Instagram can work out the technical issues with her account, she will be using an alternative Instagram account.