Nintendo Labo is here, and the internet is loving it


Nintendo dropped a surprise announcement on the unsuspecting gaming public today in the form of Nintendo Labo, a new initiative that features a set of kits containing everything you need to make adorable cardboard creations with your Switch.

For instance, you can make RC cars, a fishing rod, and even a “robot” with a special backpack that you can control in-game. It’s a seriously interesting initiative that has great implications for getting kids (and us adults who have no idea how to code or create, well, anything) into making fun stuff. 

But perhaps what’s more entertaining right now are the reactions from fans across social media, which range from the flabbergasted to the hilarious. Riffs on the cardboard itself, the price, the functionality, and more are keeping us giggling until we can’t take it anymore. Nintendo Labo is definitely getting people talking, and we’re here for it.

Here’s a collection of some of the funniest reactions we could find.