Bethesda announces both Redfall and Starfield delayed to 2023

Both games will come out next year.

Image via Bethesda

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No one likes it when a game they’re excited about gets pushed back, but game development is a complicated process and delays are almost inevitable. Unfortunately, Bethesda’s fans are feeling double that disappointment at the moment. The company announced that both sci-fi RPG Starfield and co-op vampire shooter Redfall have both been delayed to 2023.

Bethesda announced on Twitter that the two titles would come out in the first half of next year. No direct reason for the delay was given in the tweet except that it was being done to give both teams the chance to create the “best, most polished versions of [the games].” Bethesda went on to hint that they were looking forward to sharing the first gameplay footage of both titles “soon.” Hopefully, this announcement will allow teams at both Arkane Austin and Bethesda to avoid the dreaded crunch period.

Bethesda also thanked their fans for their excitement for both games, saying this “energy is a huge part of what inspires [the developers] every day and drives our own excitement for what we are creating.”

The delay might be disappointing for fans, but considering neither game has released any gameplay footage to date, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. In fact, Starfield has had little more than a look at the game’s AI companion. What is surprising is that this pushes back the only planned triple-A title for Microsoft’s console for the 2022 calendar year, leaving them with very few games to help sell the Xbox console going into the upcoming holiday season. Before this delay, Redfall had been planned to release in summer 2022, while Starfield was scheduled for a November 11 release.

Redfall is being developed by Arkane Austin while Starfield is being created by Bethesda Game Studios with Bethesda acting as publisher for both games. Both companies are owned by Microsoft.