Bethesda Says Cross-Play Is “Non-Negotiable,” Will Push Sony On TES Legends


At E3 2018, it was announced that – finally – The Elder Scrolls Legends was going to be released on consoles by the end of the year. That sparked, among other things, concerns about the fact that the current build is cross-play while not all the consoles support the feature.

During QuakeCon, Pete Hines, marketing vice president at Bethesda, discussed the matter, claiming that it is “essentially non-negotiable,” and hinting at the possibility the publisher could be among those to push Sony in order to see a quick change in their policy.


“It is our intention in order for the game to come out, it has to be those things on any system. We cannot have a game that works one way across everywhere else except for on this one thing,” Hines told Game Informer.

“The way the game works right now on Apple, Google, Steam, and, it doesn’t matter where you buy your stuff, if you play it on another platform that stuff is there.”

“It doesn’t matter what platform you play on, you play against everyone else who is playing at that moment,” he added. “There’s no ‘Oh, it’s easier to control, or it has a better frame-rate on this system.’ It’s a strategy card game. It doesn’t matter.”

So, there’s literally no excuse for Sony not to support this, unlike Fortnite did. And, if it doesn’t, it looks like Bethesda could even not publish The Elder Scrolls Legends on PlayStation 4. Which is something we hope doesn’t happen anytime soon.