Bethesda donates $1 Million to COVID-19 charities around the world

#BethesdaAtHome supports relief efforts locally and internationally

bethesda at home

Bethesda joins the growing ranks of companies that are supporting COVID-19 relief efforts. An announcement on the publisher’s website early April 27 explained how a total of $1 million in funding would be divided between international and local communities.

“Bethesda Softworks, ZeniMax Media and our global family of studios want to do more than keep you entertained and connected through our games during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the website announcement said.

Half of the donation will go to Direct Relief, an international charity focused on providing protective equipment and critical medications to healthcare workers. Direct Relief works hand in hand with medical equipment manufacturers to provide equipment to hospitals around the world.

A $250,000 donation has been allocated to Bethesda’s individual studios and satellite offices, and each office will choose relief groups that will have the most impact on their local community.

Another $250,000 will go to UNICEF, a child-focused charity that’s working with healthcare providers in over 190 countries to keep kids healthy and safe.

This donation is only a part of their #BethesdaAtHome campaign. The publisher is hosting near-daily Twitch streams of its most popular games. Last week, the community team showcased new areas in Elder Scrolls Online, and more streams are planned.

More and more companies in the gaming industry are pitching in with funding and supplies, like Sony’s $100 million global relief fund and the 9,500 N95 masks donated by Nintendo.