Bethesda Is “Very Happy” About How Its E3 2018 Presser Is Shaping Up


Bethesda is expected to drop a few big announcements at E3 2018, and the developer and publisher are hard at work to make it possible that all the fans around the world don’t end up being disappointed by what they’re about to showcase.

Talking with a follower on Twitter, Marketing VP Pete Hines has provided a quick update about how he’s doing now in relation to their E3 media briefing and the status of the work at the makers of Skyrim, Fallout, and Prey.

Bethesda E3 2018 Presser Going Strong

Hines said that he’s “very happy with how it’s coming together,” talking about the presser. And that it’s “gonna be a lot of fun.” Another user chimed in asking whether it’s going to be better than last year’s.

He said that “I guess that depends on whether you only want specific info about specific things or you’re just interested in games,” which is kind of negative hint if you think people are waiting for more brand new IPs or even a follow up to the Fallout/The Elder Scrolls series.

Among the stuff which is realistically being presented at the event, there are few things certain now but rumors have been floating around Starfield – a new IP in the same universe of TES and Fallout, possibly a sci-fi prequel to both – for a couple years now, and Arkane is going to reveal a Prey expansion set on the Moon.

Also, DOOM 2 has been suggested to be in the making at id Software couple weeks ago by the very same Hines, so that’s something we might be coming to know on June 10 at 6:30 pm PT, too.