Bethesda is “putting the finishing touches on Starfield” now, according to Todd Howard

The game “is an incredible opportunity” for the studio.

Image via Bethesda

Bethesda’s next big game is the spacefaring RPG Starfield. Its release is on the horizon, but the horizon line has shifted a bit farther away now — the game was delayed to 2023 earlier this year. The delay isn’t meant to be a time for Bethesda to rebuild major parts of the game though. At this stage, the studio is “putting the finishing touches on Starfield.”

That’s according to executive producer Todd Howard, who spoke during a media briefing (via GamesRadar+) before all the summer gaming events kick-off. Games are often delayed to give the team more time for a final polish stage, so hearing that Starfield is in a near-final state isn’t surprising. That said, some members of the dev team were reportedly “extremely worried” about the release date before the delay. One self-claimed former Bethesda developer even called the game’s engine “a piece of crap.” Switching engines isn’t a “finishing touches” move, so don’t expect a change like that before the game launches next year.

Alleged engine troubles aside, Howard still sees Starfield as a big opportunity for the company, thanks to Microsoft’s reach in the gaming scene. “Anyone who is going to play the game can play it on PC, or xCloud, or whatever screens they’re on,” he said. Starfield will launch exclusively on Xbox Series X/S and PC, a move that came as no surprise when it was finally announced. Since the delay, no new release date has been set in stone, but Starfield is slated for launch during “the first half of 2023.”

In the interim, multiple dev diaries from Bethesda have explored various features of the upcoming game. We’ve seen the robot companion VASCO and gotten details on the game’s dialogue choices and persuasion system. The impending Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase on Sunday, June 12 is an opportunity to learn even more.