Bethesda is recruiting for an unannounced console project

No word on how they’ll get Skyrim to play on a toaster, though.

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There is no shortage of games people are waiting for from Bethesda Studios. It isn’t like they can just port Skyrim to new consoles forever, is it? Eventually, they will have to come out with a new game.

Well, they might have kickstarted development on a new game recently, if the ever-helpful video game job boards are anything to go by. ZeniMax Online Studios, who have developed several online games for Bethesda over the years including The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76, may have let it slip that they are also working on a “AAA console project.”

A Senior Recruiter for ZeniMax posted that they were actively recruiting roles for the Elder Scrolls Online and this unannounced project at the moment. A quick look at their website reveals that there are plenty of roles available, from level designers to character artists to motion capture animators, so the project could be just about anything. It is interesting that they refer to it specifically as a console project, however, but their website only says that it is a brand-new IP.

We’re likely years away from this being officially announced, but there is plenty of reason to speculate about what the company could be gearing up for. Bethesda has a history of taking a long time to develop games, so it may even come toward the end of the current console generation’s lifecycle at this rate.