Bethesda Officially Announces RAGE 2 With Awesome Trailer

In a surprising/not surprising manner, Bethesda has officially announced that RAGE 2 will be released. If you are anything like me and pay any attention to leaks that involve video games, you know that a huge list of games was leaked last week in a tweet. One of those games on the list just happened to be the sequel to Bethesda’s 2011 first person shooter RAGE.

For those unfamiliar with RAGE, it is a first person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic future after an asteroid destroys most of Earth. RAGE is compared to a few other post-apocalyptic games and one of those, being Borderlands, also was leaked with a sequel (or will it be a pre-pre-sequel or a pre-sequel-sequel?)

Bethesda was the only one on the list that decided to have a little fun with the leak and tried to make some corrections. I find it very enjoyable when a company decides to roll with the fun whether they want to or not.

To continue the fun, Bethesda released a reveal trailer for RAGE 2 and it is simply amazing. RAGE 2 will contain a mix of Fallout, Borderlands, and Mad Max like creatures and people as shown in the trailer. What makes the reveal trailer for RAGE 2 simply amazing is that it’s almost like a post-apocalyptic Color Run lead by the amazingly talented singer Andrew W. K.

The fun doesn’t end with just the reveal trailer, but a worldwide reveal gameplay trailer will drop tomorrow as well. I’m sure Bethesda was saving this announcement for E3, but it’s hard to contain all that rage when it comes down to it.