Bethesda Won’t Let Outside Studios Work On Fallout Games


Bethesda Game Studios is now less interested in hiring external studios and let them work on the Fallout intellectual property, according to what director Todd Howard told The Guardian.

You might remember that Fallout New Vegas was built in 2010 thanks to a partnership with Obsidian Entertainment, and that the role playing game is still one of the most appreciated titles in the franchise.


“I wouldn’t say never. [But] now that our company is so big, it’s always better to keep stuff internal … it becomes less likely, but I could never say never. I thought the Obsidian guys did a fabulous job,” he said.

Indeed, things have changed quite a bit since 2010. Bethesda Game Studios has become very big now, with new offices in Montreal, Canada and Austin, Texas, the latter formerly known as BattleCry Studios.

The bigger scale is letting BGS work on multiple projects at the same time and try new things, like the online Fallout 76 or the new sci-fi intellectual property Starfield, alongside with the already much anticipated The Elder Scrolls VI.

All this considered, while Howard isn’t ruling anything out of the possibility pool, there’s a very slight chance that Bethesda Game Studios might offer the Fallout IP, or any other, to an outside studio.