Bethesda Tease Us With Doom: Eternal

If there is one thing that has bugged me a little about Bethesda at E3, it is the glut of teasers over trailers. I am willing to forgive this when it comes to a new Doom game, simply because knowing one exists makes my heart sing with a strange and violent joy. Doom’s last iteration was one of the best games in recent memory for me, mixing smooth movement with crisp shooting, and giving us a wonderfully realized silent protagonist in Doomguy.

The teaser strongly hints that the forces of Hell have made their way to Earth, and as Doomguy, it is once again our job to act as a human wrecking ball, as we tear through their ranks to stop whatever evil plans they have in motion. Once Doom: Eternal gives us that same combination of beautiful movement, destructive weaponry, and amazing soundtrack, it will be a huge success. It is odd to think that an old game series that spent so long in development hell, and came so close to death, is one of the defining shooters of the current generation of games.

The main reason I hate teasers over trailers is that there is nothing else to say. We know the game exists, we don’t know what gameplay likes look, or when the game will release. There will be a gameplay reveal at Quakecon this year, but that is currently all we know. We will do our best to keep you up to date with more news about Doom: Eternal as it comes out.