Beyond Good and Evil 2 Trailer Unveils Pre-Alpha Gameplay Combat


Beyond Good and Evil 2 just received one of its most extensive gameplay trailers to date. A new update video showcases the game’s staff combat system and in-game ship maneuvering through pre-alpha footage straight from the game.

The trailer, which comes right along today’s Space Monkey Report, features video recorded from the title’s pre-alpha build alongside interviews with Beyond Good and Evil 2’s Creative Manager Jean-Marc Geffroy and Senior Creative Director Michel Ancel.

One segment shows off melee combat with the player’s staff, which promises fluid movement while going up against enemy combatants. In another section, the trailer introduces the jetpack, which lets players move freely horizontally and vertically, letting the player’s pirate return to their own ship or quickly escape battle if things look dangerous.

Ancel and Geffroy even discuss the game’s ship movement speed and the pirate Armada feature, which lets players check behind their spacecraft when playing with friends. The feature assures that players in multiplayer co-op don’t get separated from one another within the game’s open-world structure.

Check out the full trailer below.

Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil 2 was revealed during E3 2017 to fans’ delight. The original Beyond Good and Evil gained a cult following when it came out in 2003, and its players have speculated about the sequel’s existence for well over a decade.

While Beyond Good and Evil 2’s release date and platforms have not been announced yet, fans hope more information will be revealed later this year at E3 2018.