Beyond Two Souls Arrives to the Epic Games Store Today, Demo Available

Beyond: Two Souls arrives at the Epic Games Store today. Previously, the title was a PlayStation exclusive, but now fans have the chance to try it for themselves on their PC.


Buy now: Beyond: Two Souls, the critically-lauded interactive drama from Quantic Dream starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe is coming July 22 to PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

The game stars Ellen Page and William Dafoe, with the former dealing with a connection to a supernatural being known as Aiden. The two can speak to one another using telepathic powers, and even manipulate things around them. William Dafoe’s character, Nathan Dawkins, attempts to help the main character control her connection with Aiden.

It’s an interactive adventure from the creative developers at Quantic Dream led by David Cage, who worked on Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. Heavy Rain has already arrived at the Epic Games Store, and anyone can pick it up right now. Detroit: Become Human is set for its PC release fairly soon to round out the collection of David Cage’s interactive, story adventures.

For those on the fence about the game, you can try out a demo of it before purchasing. The demo is going to give players an idea of the game’s story, and overall gameplay mechanics.

The PC release of Beyond: Two Souls includes the Advanced Experiments DLC, 4K support, and it’s going to run on 60 fps. Players can bring a friend along and play the game through a local co-op mode. The leading player assumes the role of Ellen Page’s character, and the other controls her ghost friend, Aiden.

You can pick up Beyond: Two Souls exclusively through the Epic Games Store for $20.