BFV Fans Upset With Firestorm’s Looting System, Calls It A “Game Breaker”

First impressions are everything, and in the cutthroat Battle Royale genre, they’re all that matter. Battlefield 5’s Firestorm mode set the gaming industry ablaze with anticipation, but one huge flaw could destroy the game’s momentum. Yes, the graphics and gunplay are high-quality thanks to Battlefield V’s stellar engine, but the game’s looting system may hold it back.

In other popular Battle Royale games such as Blackout or Apex Legends, whenever a player dies, their items are held together in a nice bag/box that can be looted. In Firestorm, however, any and everything that the player was holding gets spilled onto the ground (check out the screenshot below, via Reddit user dasoxarechamps2005). This makes it almost impossible to get the proper items within a reasonable amount of time during intense gunfights. This may seem like a minor issue, but in a genre where all you do is shoot and loot other players, your looting system needs to be competitive with other BR games.

Here’s what other Battlefield V players have to say about the Firestorm’s Looting System.

“1: Crazy how they had so much time to learn what ways the looting system works best in BR games and they bottled it right up to release lol

2: The real issue is a simple tap on E switches your gun with zero ammo and sometimes you cant even loot what you staring at cuz other item blocking it for some reason and tho its not!!! Worst system i ever seen in BR game

3: Teammate dropped me some ammo, I had to make room so I dropped some on top of his and I couldnt pick his up. So frustrating”

4: Whoever decided that this was the best loot system to go with should be looking for a new job right about now, you don’t deserve to be in charge of any kind of development…

5: As time goes on, you’d start to visually recognize items of interest and it would be easier, but yeah the proximity is an issue

Interestingly, Fortnite’s death loot system is the same. S#*t just explodes everywhere all over the place yet somehow nobody hates it. I know they have materials and ammo that gets picked up automatically but there’s still regular items you have to sift through, just like this

I think more distinguishable appearances, maybe color-coded outlines for things, and a system in place to keep items from overlapping would be fine. I’m ok with looting off the floor, almost prefer it, but I need to immediately know where the item I seek is

6: Unpopular opinion here but I prefer picking up physical loot and dislike 2d menu screens covering my entire view. Even this extreme example doesn’t seem all that bad if you know what you are looking for.

Battlefield V Firestorm Looting System

Firestorm remains a unique take on the BR genre, but DICE needs to fix this looting system asap! The fact that free to play BR games have generally superior looting systems make this somewhat embarrassing for Firestorm. With the countless other issues that seemed to plague Battlefield V, DICE needs to fix this quality of life concern and earn the trust of the community. Battlefield 5 is out now for PS4, XBO, and PC!

Battlefield V – Official Firestorm Gameplay Trailer (Battle Royale)

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