Here’s the Battlefield V — Official Firestorm Reveal Trailer (Battle Royale)

EA has given players tiny glimpses of Firestorm; Battlefield V’s battle royale mode, over the past weeks. This latest trailer, however, properly introduces Battlefield’s take on the insanely popular; Battle Royale genre. From what’s on display within the trailer, it seems that Firestorm will implement all of the key elements of the Battle Royale genre while mixing Battlefield V’s unique brand of large scale warfare. Like the base game, Firestorm seems to focus on destructibility as one squad of players is seen calling in an airstrike that obliterates an enemy house. Vehicles seem like another focus as the characters were seen riding a tractor with a mounted gun.

Battlefield V – Official Firestorm Reveal Trailer (Battle Royale)

Watch the official Battlefield V Firestorm Reveal Trailer – a new Battle Royale mode available to all Battlefield V players on March 25. Get up to 50% off Battlefield V now (T&Cs apply): Firestorm is Battle Royale, Reimagined for Battlefield.

While many might dismiss Firestorm as another lackluster attempt on the BR genre, the game has the potential to become another heavyweight within the market. Battlefield V’s original release might have been shrouded in controversy but this new game mode may be able to bring back players that might have left the community. Firestorm launches on March 25 as a free update to all existing Battlefield V players. For the curious, Battlefield V seems to go on sale for roughly $30 frequently. Battlefield V is out now for the PS4, PC, & XBO.