Biggest Hades Update Ever Adds Minotaur Boss and Much More

Supergiant Games just announced a massive new update for their Early Access roguelike title, Hades. Appropriately dubbed the Beefy Update, this patch introduces the Minotaur, who rules over a new biome, Elysium, along with a mountain of other content.

Full patch notes are available on the game’s Discord server, and they’re a doozy. Tons of abilities and enemies across the board have been modified. A handful of new Boons have been added, along with a new Heroic rarity tier for Boons above the previous highest level, Epic. On top of that, you’ll be able to equip more Boons than before, and the UI has been redesigned to keep track of them better. Other changes of note include an update to the Dash ability, aimed at giving it “a more fluid feel,” and improved feedback to let you know when you’re at low health.

More exciting is the chance for players to face off against King Theseus and the Minotaur. The pair will guard the way out of Elysium, the update’s new biome. In Greek mythology, Elysium was the afterlife realm where heroes and those chosen by the gods went after death to be rewarded for their righteousness. King Theseus is a mythical king who united Athens. Stories of his heroic acts include slaying the Minotaur. In Hades, they appear to have put their fight behind them to stop you from escaping the underworld.

To go along with the new environment, and continues the story with over 1,000 new voice lines the update also adds new music. You can view everything added in the update in the game’s Discord server or its launcher.