Biomutant Appears To Be Coming To Nintendo Switch


It would seem that the list of developers and publishers looking to get their game onto the Switch is increasing. EB Games Canada has listed THQ’s Biomutant, from developers Experiment 101, for a Nintendo Switch release next year.

Biomutant is an open world, action-RPG where you play a suspiciously cool looking mutant raccoon (I think) in a world filled with other mutated animals. The game features an interesting feature where your character creation will impact your stats, such as a large character being a bit slower, but more resistant to damage.

The campaign features branching choices that impact how the story proceeds, and centers around the player’s efforts to save the Tree of Life from a poisonous oil. Biomutant is the first game from Experiment 101, a Swedish dev team formed by former Avalanche Studios employees in 2015.

It’s not hard to see why people are working the Nintendo Switch into their release plans. The console/handheld hybrid has sold over 30 million units since launch, and regularly tops the list of best selling consoles each month. There is also a strong chance that the aesthetic of the game will appeal to Nintendo fans, as it contains a very colorful world and is, in many ways, quite cute.

While no release date was given, the listing does say the game will arrive on the Switch next year, at a price point of $59.99.

H/T MyNintendoNews