New details dropped about BioMutant’s abilities and gameplay


Experiment 101 has lifted the lid on a bunch of new details for BioMutant, a new IP by THQ Nordic.

BioMutant is an open world adventure game where players take control of a racoon-like creature in a world of mutated animals.

Experiment 101 cofounder Stefan Ljungqvist went into detail on the game’s robust character creation tools in an interview with PC Gamer over the weekend. The game will allow players to create their own custom creature and will give a bunch of options to change the character’s looks, color, and more. The character model will also change depending on the stats the player gives their character over time.

If a player were to focus their attention on becoming a bruiser and put most of their EXP points into Strength, for example, their character will look like a bruiser with buff muscles to distinguish them from a leaner mutant that decided to focus more on agility stats.

Ljungqvist also mentioned a new mech that players can find in the world. By using the mech, players can travel in areas with no oxygen, expanding their reach throughout the world.

Another thing mentioned in the interview was the game’s built in ability system— Bionics. Bionics are unlockable items earned by helping other characters in the world. By helping others, players can unlock items like a jetpack, glide wings, bows that fire elemental arrows, and more. Expanding your arsenal and tools to help you maneuver around the world will be vital to surviving some of the strongest mutants the game has to offer.

BioMutant will release sometime this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.