2K Marine Ex-Dev Shares A Never Seen Before Developer Message In BioShock


According to a thread on 4Chan, a former 2K Marin developer was sharing industry stories on the forum. On a reply from another user whether the updates are legit or not the developer shared a bug that talks about Paul Hellquist who is the writer of Bioshock. The bug was in the game and then made all the way to Remastered edition also, yet it was not discovered by one.

2K Marine Story

As per the shared bug, a user can find a message on the screen – “BUG THIS. IF, YOU CAN READ THIS PAUL HELLQUIST DID NOT DO HIS JOB: LOVE, KLINE“. Full info on how to get this message is below as shared on 4Chan.

“In BioShock 1, go to the second half of Hephaestus where you first encounter Ryan in person. Use Incinerate to get you down to 1 HP, then use it again on the area where the cutscene triggers and walk into it. You’ll die right when the scene starts, but wind up in a Vita Chamber outside the map. Turn on Art Captions and you’ll see a developer message about Paul Hellquist not doing his job. No one has found this bug yet publicly, it’s in all versions. Cheers.”

The info is shared by a freelance journalist on Twitter. The official tweet is below. Along with the info, you will see a screenshot of an image of threat that was published about the bug on 4Chan.

In the image above you can see the discussion where at the end the former developer shared the process to reach the message, along with the screenshot of the game. These hidden stories are often known as Messages in a Bottle that usually share some info about the game or simply reveal hidden stories about the game.