BioShock: The Collection and Sims 4 are February’s free PlayStation Plus games

Rapture, Columbia and Sims world await.


The upcoming PlayStation Plus games for February have been revealed—and you may want to schedule a few days off to enjoy them.

Sony announced the newest games in its latest PlayStation Blog post, with 2K’s BioShock: The Collection and EA’s The Sims 4 joining the party along with a bonus PlayStation VR game, Firewall Zero Hour. Let’s break down each of the games, which are available for download from Feb. 4 through March 2.

BioShock: The Collection

BioShock: The Collection – Launch Trailer | PS4

Rapture is coming back to life! Would you kindly play BioShock: The Collection? Revisit the depths of Rapture, sail through Columbia, and experience the never-before-seen video series Imagining BioShock, in BioShock: The Collection. All three BioShock games, complete with all single-player DLC, are fully remastered for current-gen consoles.

So, instead of one game for PlayStation Plus, you’re practically getting three with the BioShock collection. The original BioShock, the cult classic BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite are all included here, remastered with 60 frames per second visuals to go along with each one’s amazing gameplay and storyline. It’s a terrific package that deserves a place in your library.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 – Launch Trailer | PS4 Enjoy the power to create and control people in a virtual world where there are no rules. Express your creativity as you customize your Sims’ appearances and personalities, and build them the perfect homes. Develop your Sims’ relationships, pursue careers, and explore vibrant new worlds. Learn more: *Conditions and restrictions apply.

Living a virtual life isn’t easy, but it sure can be fun. The Sims celebrates its 20th anniversary with the addition of The Sims 4 to PlayStation Plus, where you can guide the lives of your many characters however you see fit. And with an easy-to-use interface, this latest Sims experience (Sims-perience?) will draw fans in.

Firewall Zero Hour (PlayStation VR required)

Firewall Zero Hour – Launch Trailer | PS VR Firewall Zero Hour, available now on PSVR. Teamwork is everything in this intense squad-based shooter – put on your PlayStation VR headset, gather an arsenal of equipment, and prepare for blistering combat. Choose from 12 experienced mercenaries and familiarize yourself with upgradeable weapons.

This intense PlayStation VR experience has you playing a hired contractor that will either try to grab or defend, documents for your team. This 4v4 tactical shooter features great gameplay that takes advantage of the format, along with visuals that suck you into the experience. It doesn’t hurt that you’re able to enjoy it in the house.

If you don’t have a PlayStation Plus subscription yet, you can find out details on how to get one here. Signing on before Feb. 4 will also give you access to January’s games, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator. Don’t miss the party.

PS Plus February | Bioshock: The Collection + The Sims 4 + Firewall Zero Hour

February’s loaded with not two, not three, but potentially up to five free PS Plus games! Bioshock: The Collection contains three legendary first-person adventures, The Sims 4 gives you creative control over reality itself, and Firewall Zero Hour offers engaging, online multiplayer for PS VR owners.