Taiwanese game rating board listing suggests Bioshock: The Collection could come to Switch

Bioshock The Collection

The Bioshock trilogy, in the form of Bioshock: The Collection, has received a rating from the Taiwanese game rating board for a Nintendo Switch release, meaning we could be about to experience Big Daddy slaying on the go.

The entry with the board, which was expanded upon by Twitter gaming reporter Nibel, shows entries for the game’s previous releases, as well as new entries that have been handed to the Switch version. The game for Switch, like the rest of the releases in the series, has received an R rating. No release date was listed.

The remastered set, which includes the upgraded versions of Bioshock and Bioshock: Infinite from creator Irrational Games, along with Bioshock 2 from 2K Marin, was released for the current generation of consoles in 2016. While the upgrades were minor, mainly to allow modern systems to play them at a more pleasing frame rate and resolution, the three games themselves are still fantastic, and each one is worth playing in its own right.

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Fitting all three games onto one Switch cartridge would be a tall order. The digital version of the game on PS4 is about 60GB in size, so it could be a similar situation to L.A. Noire, where an SD card is going to be required to play.