BioWare Finds No PS4s Bricked by Anthem

During the last few days, multiple reports have been claiming that Anthem currently features a bug which is bricking PS4 consoles.

The reports mainly talked about consoles being rebooted, but in some cases even bricks were discovered.

While EA Help has generically stated that it was looking into the matter, BioWare has shared some more information about that.

The process of investigating has led the Canadian studio to learn that bricks are not currently happening, or at least not because of Anthem.

Lead producer Ben Irving has confirmed in a recent livestream that there are crashes due to the game on PS4, but definitely those are not bricks.

This is what he said:

“There have been some reports where a PlayStation can temporarily power down. And so, just to be clear, in all the instances we’re aware of–that we investigated in partnership with first party–they can be powered back up.”

So, if you’re playing the game on PS4, you should know that potentially it has this issue but that, even in the occurrence you should meet it, it would not brick your console.

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