Bioware’s Anthem Release Date In Fall 2018 Was Never Realistic, Delayed To 2019 [Updated]

Anthem an upcoming online-multiplayer game which was teased during E3 207 has got a fresh update on its predictable release year. The game appeared in a short video. Characters wearing exo-suites fly through a hostile jungle facing massive creatures. The game looks pretty awesome in the video and later the game release was planned in Fall 2018.

Anthem 2018

According to an article published by Kotaku, the game was never a 2018 release. The game will be pushed to March 2019. Below is the extract from the article that talks about the game release next year.

“Anthem, which was announced at E3 2017, is now scheduled for release in early 2019, according to three people familiar with the project. The “fall 2018” window mentioned during that E3 announcement was “never realistic,” one source said. Exact dates remain in flux—and Anthem’s developers must also plan for a beta release, an EA Access launch, and an ongoing schedule of patches and updates—but it appears unlikely to developers that publisher EA will allow BioWare to delay the game any further than March 2019, when the company’s 2019 fiscal year comes to an end. (EA, like most publicly traded companies, uses the fiscal calendar as a basis for all of its decisions, as those dates determine how investors will behave.)“

This sum up that Anthem will be delayed until next year. Anthem is Bioware’s first new franchise in 8 years, so there is more pressure on building up to something that can fulfill expectations. Recent micro transaction controversies had also lead to a pressure on Anthem, as it will be having a similar model. But things will be a bit different, for other games that had faced major set-back after pay-to-win model, it is necessary for publishers to stay clear from the start for games like Anthem. Bioware will have to re-think on the internal paid mechanism on the game so that it won’t get affected due to such controversies.


Anthem was speculated before that it won’t be a 2018 release, and now a update coming up from EA side that somehow officially confirms the game is delayed till 2019. EA has changed the launch timing that will be out in Early 2019, instead of Fall 2018 as promised before. From EA side it is stil unclear that the game has a release window in 2018.

Source: Kotaku