BioWare Hiring Senior Systems Designer For Anthem Loot


Better late than ever, one could say. BioWare is indeed hiring a person who would be responsible for Anthem’s loot.

One of the biggest issue with the game is that its loot is unsatisfying, and even the Canadian studio knows that.

So, to fix it, BioWare is looking for people who could bring in more expertise on the matter and help with the mechanic.

“BioWare is looking for a [sic] creative and passionate Senior Systems Designer with experience in Loot Systems to join our studio in either Austin or Edmonton to work on our newest IP Anthem,” says the job listing.

“Building a truly great server-side loot system, that is scalable, has modern concepts like streak-breaking, and easily modifiable data formats. A great loot system ensures that the players have predictable experiences that can be measured with data.”

With this type of developer on board, perhaps, Anthem’s launch would have been at least a bit different.

Interestingly, tomorrow, on April 17, BioWare’s devs will be live streaming in order to discuss the status of the game.

That live stream was postponed due to the article from Kotaku on workers’ conditions at the studio and will be the first public appearance of the team after that.