BioWare Had A Meeting To Discuss Changes After Kotaku’s Report


BioWare‘s been through a lot of troubles lately, with Anthem‘s launch not being as smooth as hoped and Kotaku’s report to make all those issues public.

As shared in a first blog post, the studio has prepared a meeting with all the developers involved to discuss the changes it would go through in order to fix those issues.

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier is reporting that the meeting has indeed happened last Wednesday, and shared the first impressions of people participating.

“BioWare held a long all-hands meeting for staff on Wednesday to talk about various issues raised both internally and in Kotaku’s reporting (production practices, Frostbite, etc.),” Schreier said on Twitter.

“Couple of people I’ve talked to are optimistic about changes; others are far more skeptical,” he added about what devs think about the meeting itself.

“EA/BioWare still haven’t officially talked to me, but it sounds like their internal response has been far, far more serious than their blog post last week made it seem.”

The fact that BioWare has set this meeting up is, sure enough, a good signal for things to get better in the future, internally.

And when things work better internally, for a studio, that’s only a good thing for people who will be able to play better games from them.

Hopefully, this process kicks off as soon as for the next Anthem updates and of course the already announced Dragon Age 4.