Former BioWare Writer Is Developing A Musical Video Game Called Chorus


Veterans from the video game industry, including former Bioware writer, are developing a new musical based video game called Chorus.

David Gaider is a video game writer who used to work for BioWare, the same video game development company that worked on Dragon Age and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Gaider has worked on both franchises. The stories for both games are well known for allowing players to choose different dialogue options, and the chance to romance any characters they want.

Gaider left BioWare in 2016 and founded a new team called Summerfall Studios. Today, Summerfall has announced their first game. Called Chorus, this new game is labeled as being the first feature-length video game musical. Chorus will include the different dialogue options and romance that made the Dragon Age games so popular.

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Chorus takes place in a contemporary, fantastical city. You play as Grace, who is given the powers of a Muse after one comes to her apartment and dies in her arms. She is then hunted down by characters and creatures based on ancient mythology, and she needs to use her power of singing to prove her innocence of the Muse’s death. The secret society that is chasing after her is called CHORUS.

Not only are you able to choose different dialogue options during normal conversation, but you can also even decide what lyrics to sing during the musical numbers. However, it isn’t as simple as picking whatever options you want; you need to pick a lyric that best matches with the flow of your song. The better the flow, the better the song ends up being.

There are also different traits that Grace can level up that allows her new ways to approach a situation. The three traits that players can pick are “Kickass (for the adventurous), Clever (for the intellectual), and Charming (for the charismatic).”

Besides Gaider, other notable veterans in the game industry are involved in the game. One of these people is Liam Esler, a managing director who came up with the initial idea of Chorus with Gaider years before. The composer is going to be Austin Wintory, who is most famous for his score in Journey. Troy Baker, a prolific voice actor, and director will serve as the voice director of the game. Baker is well known for his performances in The Last of Us (as Joel) and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (as Samuel Drake). Prominent voice actress Laura Bailey, known for her leading roles in Catherine and Gears 5, will be the voice for Grace.

Chorus is crowdfunded on fig, and it has a $600,000 goal. As of writing this, the Chorus crowdfunding has over $60,000 worth of donations. The game is currently only slated to release on PC, though it plans to come to other platforms if it sells well enough.

Header Image Source: Chorus Fig Campaign