Black Rock Shooter Fragment releases on mobile in fall 2022

The game is a spinoff of the upcoming Disney+ anime, “Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall.”

Image via G2 Studios

Black Rock Shooter is roaring back to life with a new anime coming to Disney+ next spring called Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall. Additionally, they’re partnering with a mobile developer to bring Black Rock Shooter Fragment to Android and iOS mobile platforms in fall 2022.

The announcement comes courtesy of a newly opened Twitter account and official website dedicated to the mobile game. G2 Studios, who is developing the game, tweeted a stunning illustration by artist Rui Tomono of the titular girl with long black hair and a blue flame emanating from her left eye, crouching in front of the star carved into a ruined building by her weapon. The art came alongside the reveal for the game’s fall 2022 release window.

G2 Studios also developed My Hero Academia: Ultra Impact and IDOLiSH7. Ichiro Sakaki, the creator of Scrapped Princess and Chaika the Coffin Princess, has signed onto the staff to write the main story and setting for Black Rock Shooter Fragment along with Okina Kamino, while the manga and anime series’ creator huke takes the helm of design supervisor.

Black Rock Shooter Fragment will be the second video game to be born out of the anime, though this is the first one in over a decade. NIS America released Black Rock Shooter: The Game on the short-lived PSP in 2011.

Huke brought Black Rock Shooter to life in the manga and anime industry thanks to an illustration he shared on the online artist community Pixiv in 2007. The illustration was well-received by everyone, even J-Pop band Supercell member Ryo, who created a song “Black Rock Shooter” using Hatsune Miku.