Bleeding Edge Development Started Three Years Ago, Ninja Theory Has More Projects


Bleeding Edge is the first Xbox One and Windows 10 PC exclusive that is being worked on at Ninja Theory after the acquisition at Xbox Game Studios. It has been disappointing to many to see that the studio behind Hellblade has been working on a multiplayer title all along, but it has been revealed that work has begun well before the acquisition.

As shared by creative director Rahni Tucker in an interview with, the development process on the game has begun three years ago, and interestingly enough that work has been conducted at a team of 15, similarly to Hellblade’s.

Most of the development has indeed being done by a team of 10-20 people, and as they got closer to the release of the Alpha, it was increased to around 30, which is a minimal amount for a game with this production value. Thanks to this, Ninja Theory has lots of other projects in the works now, which leaves the door open on other single-player titles for the future.

The idea of building such game came up right after the release of DmC Devil May Cry for Capcom, but it’ll be a different project as this time around Ninja Theory is working on a multiplayer brawler and that’s something entirely new for a team like this, which has a long tradition on story-driven experiences.

“One of the challenges early on was trying to figure out that balance between making the player feel empowered in the way that they can combo their attacks together and pull off cool stuff, but also the counterplay for the person who’s being attacked and what options they have to break that combo lock and get the advantage back,” said Tucker.

Bleeding Edge doesn’t have a release date yet but will offer a technical alpha on June 27.