Bleeding Edge launch trailer introduces lineup of lively characters

The chaos-filled trailer comes just a few days before the game’s launch.

Bleeding Edge

Image via Ninja Theory

Ninja Theory’s new 4v4 team fighting game, Bleeding Edge, is just a mere few days away from its release at the start of next week. To celebrate, the studio released a new cinematic trailer which showcases the villainous characters and introduces the story and context of the game before it goes live next week. 

The characters in Bleeding Edge are extremely creative and unique, making them stand out in the over-saturated market of team-based hero games. They are each designed to appear as an over-the-top caricature. One character is a digitized soul who lives inside a mechanical snake and uses the husk of his former body to live as a human, and another is a dolphin who lives inside a crab-like mech. There’s also an old lady who flies around on a hovercraft, which helps her turn into a witch.

Characters are ranked by their difficulty in Bleeding Edge, depending on how hard they are to play, which may introduce some strategy elements to the traditional team shooter genre. There are different types of characters to play, such as DPS and Tank, which is similar to popular team-based games such as Overwatch. Players also battle it out to take over control points which are dotted around the map, which is also reminiscent of other popular shooters.  

Bleeding Edge drops on March 24 for Xbox One and PC. If you have an Xbox Game Pass, you can check it out for free when it launches.