Blizzard Reportedly Ditches StarCraft FPS, Overwatch 2 Will Be Left 4 Dead-Like


An interesting report coming from Kotaku provides us with more details about the game that has been cancelled at Blizzard which we had already discussed yesterday. All we knew was that it has been in the making for a couple of years before getting axed, but now we get to learn the details about it.

The game was reportedly a first-person shooter based on StarCraft, where we would’ve played a Terran marine and would’ve been blasting our way through hordes of Zerg. While progress in the development process was “slow,” the game is said to have been “looking quite good.”

Blizzard has offered a comment about the game being cancelled, saying that “we always make decisions about these things, regardless of the ultimate outcome or how things might be interpreted, based on our values, what we believe makes sense for Blizzard, and what we hope our players will enjoy the most.”

Kotaku also shares more on the things in the making at Blizzard, claiming that these would include the codenamed Fenris Diablo 4 project, which should be quite advanced for what matters development, and Overwatch 2. Both of them should be announced at BlizzCon 2019 in November.

Interestingly, though, Overwatch 2, or whatever it is going to be called like, is not a full sequel to the existing Overwatch but more of a PvE cooperative title based on the same universe. We’re said it would feel more like a Left 4 Dead style experience, and fun enough another competitive title such as Rainbow Six Siege is rumored to be going the same route at E3.