Blizzard’s Gamescom booth offers something for everyone


This year’s Gamescom has plenty to offer to the general gaming public. Each developer at the show is trying to pull out all the stops to get you to buy its stuff when it comes out. Enticing freebies, grand halls, and long queues are all a guarantee at each booth, hit-masters Blizzard being no exception.

Blizzard has bought nearly every single one of its franchises to this year’s Gamescom (sans Lost Vikings). Check out down below to see just what Blizzard is offering you at this year’s Gamescom in Germany.

Overwatch‘s Summer Fun

The Blizzard knows what to put center stage. This is where fans will be eagerly awaiting the next Overwatch cinematic, alongside a host of other clips that Blizzard will show off.

There is also a store, which includes a glimpse of the new Overwatch Doomfist statue.

Overwatch was overcompensated at this year’s booth, almost everywhere you looked was one of the game’s heroes. The Overwatch presence had a Summer spin, with multiple PCs hooked up to give you a taste of Lucioball alongside a tiki hut. Overwatch’s Summer Games event is well underway, with new skins and items available.

The main attraction for many was a singular crane game which gave fans a chance to get themselves a Pachimari plushie. The only way to get a token to play in this machine was to do a series of themed challenges across the whole Blizzard booth.

Warcraft and Hearthstone ask you to pick a side

World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, asks you to pick a side to take on one another while trying out to the game at the booth.

After a hard earned victory, you can cement your loyalty to the Horde or the Alliance by heading over to Blizzard’s temporary tattoo parlor to have your loyalty temporarily branded.

Hearthstone also had a huge presence with a large tavern of tables. The setup was smaller compared to last year’s, strange given the massive The Boomsday Project expansion.

Speaking of booths that remind you of things that exist…

The “just reminding you we exist” section

Its not all big ongoing games. Older titles are also on show, trying to find a new loyal following to keep themselves in relevancy.

Diablo’s Switch port got a spot at both Nintendo and Blizzard’s booth this year, even though Bethesda slipped the game around the corer just to the right of its main stage.

Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm were also around but more as side attractions with a few units to tryout.