Blizzard’s Virtual Ticket Includes World of Warcraft-Themed Overwatch Skins and More

Overwatch Season 20 Map Pool

BlizzCon 2019 is set to take place next month, and fans that are going to the show are thrilled to see what’s coming. But what about those that aren’t able to attend? Not to worry, as the Virtual Ticket will assure you aren’t left out.

With the $49.99 package, they’ll be able to check out every minute of action from the show, including its wrap-up concert. In addition to that, players are going to get select goods for Overwatch and World of Warcraft.

Blizzard broke down these goods earlier today, and here’s what’s in store for those that invest in the Virtual Ticket:

It’s part of the 25th anniversary of Warcraft. Two exclusive skins will be available for Overwatch characters. These include the Tyrande Symmetra and Illidan Genji. Both are featured above. These should be compatible with all versions of the game, including the Nintendo Switch.

For World of Warcraft, the package includes faction leaders Gillvanas and Finduin, along with a special Wendigo Woolies outfit.

If you’re a Heroes of the Storm fan, you’re going to receive a BlizzCon spray and portrait, along with a unique Celestial Deepcrawler mount.

StarCraft II fans won’t be left out in the cold. They’re getting a trio of Brood. For those of you Diablo III devotees, a pair of wings will be up for grabs, in case you’re feeling angelic.

Hearthstone players will receive a Golden Legendary card, along with several BlizzCon-oriented card backs.

Blizzard also noted that more goods could get offered before the show takes place next month. More details should drop in the weeks ahead.

Are you interested? Head over to the official BlizzCon page and buy your Virtual Ticket today!