You can now block curated Steam lists from creators you dislike


Steam recently made some changes to its Wishlist feature, but the newest alterations to its user interface also included changes to the curator system. Specifically, you’ll find now that you can ignore any curator whose content you don’t truly vibe with. 

A new option in the Curators tab now comes equipped with an option you can select in the top right of the screen to “ignore” that particular curator. If you choose this option, you’ll no longer see them appearing in recommendations on your feed. If you decide that you want to hear from them again in the future, you can simply toggle the option off and you’ll start seeing that curator again. 

Steam Curators can create specific lists of games that they feel users should check out on the platform, and it varies from user to user. If you decide that you’re tired of seeing recommendations popping up here and there on Steam, you can instead choose to visit the curator’s main page to see their choices on your own time. 

This should help empower you to further customize your own experience when scrolling through what’s available. And any time your Steam experience can be improved, we should definitely call that progress.