Bloodborne 2: Miyazaki Sorry About Déraciné Easter Egg

A few weeks ago, players found a Bloodborne 2 easter egg which somewhat looked like a teaser in PlayStation VR game Déraciné.

While that was some kind of homage to the series, since it had been worked on by Japan Studio and From Software (same as Déraciné), the easter egg led to an uncomfortable situation where fans are now giving for granted a Bloodborne sequel.

In an interview with Game Informer, Hidetaka Miyazaki discussed the matter and claimed he feels sorry about putting Sony in such situation.

“With Déraciné, that was released recently for VR, we had an ode to Bloodborne in there,” said Miyazaki.

“Both titles are published by Sony. Actually, that reference, that nod itself caused a much greater stir than we expected. Way more than we expected.

When we were given that idea like, ‘Why don’t you just put a little nod in there? It’d be great.’ And we tried it and it blew up. So, we just want to tread a little bit more carefully around that front.”

He added that in his opinion “it wasn’t so much that they read too much into it, it was just supposed to be a little homage, but people kind of expected Bloodborne 2 and it kind of got a little bit crazy.”

“So, we feel like we caused a great inconvenience to Sony, and that was really not our intention.”

Then, it looks like we’re a bit more distant than anticipated from a Bloodborne sequel, and we know that’s something that will disappoint you a lot.

Anyway, considering how many people fell in love with the original game, we would never rule a sequel out, even though it could take a long while.

Bloodborne 2, Miyazaki Sorry About Déraciné Easter Egg