Bomb Hunter could be the best new aggro deck in the Boomsday meta

Three days into The Boomsday Project meta, things show no sign of settling down.

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Three days into The Boomsday Project meta, things show no sign of settling down.

Every class is playable right now, with even the most experienced pro players still trying to settle on lists that feel good. New combos are being tinkered with, old archetypes are being revived, and fun mechanics are playable in this crazy post-release meta.

Right now a lot of the cool decks are control-focused. Topsy Priest, Malygos Druid, and Big Warrior are all decks that people are playing around with. To counter that, the fun suckers are playing established aggressive decks like Odd Paladin, Odd Rogue, and Zoo.

But what if you want something fast that’s not too difficult to learn, and also feels fun and new? Let’s meet Bomb Hunter.

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When Goblin Bomb was first shown off, people were pretty unimpressed. Saying it was a revived Leper Gnome was a nice meme, but people wrote it off. But the more cards were revealed, the more support the card got.

Obviously it’s not good enough to take up a card slot—nor it is needed really, when you have seven cards that generate them. You can put Bombs on board pretty easily with this deck, saving room for more efficient cards. Cards like Terrorscale Stalker, Goblin Prank, Fireworks Tech, and Void Ripper give you a ton of options for triggering them and pulling off hilarious lethals.

The deck also has a strong core of Mechs to help out. In the early game Mecharoo into Fireworks Tech is a really strong start, and Devilsaur Egg is a great holdover from Deathrattle Hunter. Fungalmancer and Defender of Argus are there to buff your Bombs and Eggs, with Spider Bomb and Venomizer helping you to create Mechs with staying power.

Into the later game, you’ve got options too. Boommaster Flark generates a ton of Bombs that can be a pain for your opponent, with Wargear there as a buff or a body. If you haven’t packed Flark, don’t worry too much about crafting him—you can get by without it. You can add strong Hunter cards like Animal Companion, or something like Giggling Inventor for value.

With this being an aggro deck, you can’t really not have Leeroy Jenkins involved. With Goblin Prank he becomes a potent finisher.

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