Here’s what Boomsday Project Mech Paladin might look like


All of the cards from Hearthstone’s next expansion, The Boomsday Project, have now been revealed.

After last night’s livestream the final 50 or so cards were unveiled, and we now exactly what all 135 cards coming to the game next week look like. That means it’s time to theory craft, and start thinking about what decks you want to play when the new meta hits.

Here’s a starter for ten, just to kick things off.

Mechs are back in a big way in this expansion, for the first time since Goblins vs Gnomes was in the meta. There’s a new mechanic too, Magnetic. That means certain Mechs can be bonded on to other Mechs as buff cards instead of as standalone minions.

But which class will they find a home in? Well after last night, Paladin is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Kangor’s Endless Army, the legendary spell, makes Paladin probably the most likely to produce a powerful Mech deck. That’s also because of Glow-Tron, a 1/3 one mana Mech. We’ve seen with Dire Mole that a one mana 1/3 stat line is just good, and this is the card needed to start off a great Mech curve.

This deck (which is mostly the creation of HCT caster Alex “Raven” Baugley) has a strong Mech package. There’s 13 Mech cards in here, and five of them have Magnetic. That might not be enough, but there are cards like Hydrologist and Vicious Scalehide that can be removed to make room. With Zilliax in the deck there’s also Corpsetaker to take advantage of that really great synergy.

Pre-release, it’s impossible to tell if this deck is actually good. But it looks strong on paper, and is certainly something you’ll likely see on ladder in the early days.