All the cards in Hearthstone’s next expansion, The Boomsday Project


The next Hearthstone expansion, The Boomsday Project, is arriving in-game really soon.

The expansion will release on Aug. 7 after a two-week card reveal. This is a break with recent tradition—for most recent expansions, Blizzard has kept the release date under wraps until very close to the time.

When it does arrive, 135 new cards will be added to the Standard meta game. It’s the second expansion of the Year of the Raven, following April’s release of The Witchwood.

Official card reveals get underway on July 23 with the traditional card reveal livestream.

Until the expansion comes out, you can pre-order either 50 or 80 packs for a better price than packs are usually on sale. Both bundles come with a free golden legendary, too.

Here are all the cards revealed to date.