Borderlands 2 Features Mysterious New Rainbow Rarity


Borderlands 2 has received a 4K texture pack alongside the Pre-Sequel to celebrate the incoming release of the (true) sequel.

Interestingly, we learn today that this hasn’t been the sole addition to the game, as discovered by Twitter user CaptainKoby_.

CaptainKoby_ has indeed found out that Gearbox has added in the game’s files a new rarity tier for weapons, Rainbow.

That rarity tier has never appeared in the actual title, anyway, and has just been there, hidden, in the code.

We don’t know whether it’s just part of a scrapped plan or it was supposed to be coming at a later stage.

Anyway, CaptainKody_ has managed to bring that rarity tier in the actual game, as part of the Reborn mod pack he has created, and you can see it in action below.

Perhaps, we’ll meet the Rainbow rarity again in Borderlands 3 this September, but in the meantime, we can give it an early look here.