Borderlands 3 Halloween DLC Bloody Harvest Details


We have our first details about the upcoming Borderlands 3 DLC. It’s a holiday event centered on Halloween called Bloody Harvest. The first details went out about the DLC during the Borderlands show on their Twitch channel.

The Bloody Harvest DLC is going to be a free update for the game, available to every Vault Hunter. There’s no price or previous pre-order amount preventing players from taking part in the event.

When the event goes live, players who leave Pandora for the first time aboard the Sanctuary ship have the chance to encounter ghosts after they kill some of the enemies in the game. These ghosts are going to cause a debuff on the player called “Terror.” It’s going to partially block a player’s visual sight in-game, and lower their weapon handling, accuracy, and overall bullet spread.

As players encounter these ghosts, they’re going to earn a new form of currency known as Hecktoplasm steadily as they play. Players need to acquire enough of it to add to their collection and are eventually going to use it to unlock a new pet call Maurice who resides on Sanctuary.

The DLC comes with a new map, too, full of flying Rakk-O’-Lanterns, Ratch-infested pits of blood, and Maliwan enemies eager to put you down into the ground.

At the end of the map, players are going to fight the boss of the area, the Baron of Blood Harvest: Captain Haunt. He’s a giant skeleton with a mechanic suit, which you can see at the top of the page. He’s the deceased form of the former Captain Traunt, whom players face off during the primary campaign.

The Bloody Harvest DLC also features some iconic new costumes for the four hunters. All of them are going to have access to a unique purple and yellow attire, along with new Bloody Harvest weapons.

Those eager to jump into Bloody Harvest DLC for Borderlands 3 are going to want to hop in October.