Borderlands 3: Bloody Harvest Releases October 24 and Goes Until December 5


Borderlands 3 is going to have its first seasonal event kicking off here pretty soon. The Bloody Harvest is going to be the game’s Halloween-based event, and we’ve heard a few details about it for the past few weeks. Now, we know Bloody Harvest is going to release on Oct. 24, and it’s going to last until Dec. 5. Players are going to have plenty of time to explore the newest content to hit the wacky loot and shooter.

Here are the direct details 2K shared in their press regarding Borderlands 3‘s Bloody Harvest:

Do you feel that chill running up your spine, Vault Hunter? It must be the call of Bloody Harvest, the first free seasonal event for Borderlands 3! Today we’re excited to announce that Bloody Harvest will run from October 24 through December 5.

To get your first taste of Bloody Harvest in action, feast your eyes on this brand new trailer.If you haven’t already heard, this supremely spooky in-game event features tons of fresh content, including Haunted enemy types, the Terror combat mechanic, a new unique Legendary weapon, and a new boss fight against the fearsome Captain Haunt. If you manage to survive the creepy challenges of Bloody Harvest, you can earn cosmetic rewards, including Vault Hunter skins, a weapon trinket, and more.

Players are going to have the opportunity to check out some brand new skins for their favorite Vault Hunter, fight brand new enemies, and a new boss. For those, a little worried, Bloody Harvest is a free update. It’s the first free update set to hit the game. However, there are upcoming pieces of content that players are going to need to prepare to pay for, but those are in the future.

Bloody Harvest is going to open up a brand new haunted location called Heck area. Players are going to have to deal with a new mechanic called terror, which the haunted enemies can inflict on Vault Hunters. To access the new area, players are going to need to complete the game enough to have arrived on the ship, Sanctuary III.

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest content update goes live on Oct. 24, and you can play it and run through the new content until Dec. 5.