Gearbox Teases Borderlands 3 on Twitter and Pax East with “March 28” Date

Is a new Borderlands game on the horizon? This recent tweet from developers Gearbox Software may imply a new title announcement is on its way at PAX East 2019.

Gearbox is known for the Borderlands games. The Borderland series are first person shooters known for its cell-shaded look and off-the-wall tone. The last Borderlands game, Tales from the Borderlands, was release in 2015.

Since completing Tales, Gearbox has said they have been working on the newest Borderlands game.

Gearbox has special plans for PAX East, a gaming showcase where developers often show their upcoming games. They promise to have “never-before-seen reveals” at this year’s PAX, and this recent twitter on their official account may have showed what kind of reveals fans may expect.

Gearbox Official on Twitter


On the official Gearbox Software Twitter, an image was poster showing a highway sign with March 28 sprayed all over. PAX officially starts on March 28, and Gearbox plans to have a showcase on that day. The city of where PAX will take place, Boston, MA, is also on the sign.

The overall vibe of the image on Gearbox’s Twitter seems similar to what is seen within the Borderland games. The look of the image appears to be in the same style as seen in the Borderland games.

This post has fans guessing that Gearbox will be unveiling the upcoming Borderlands game, most likely Borderlands 3, on the opening day of PAX East 2019.