Borderlands 3 Removed from Epic Games Store During Mega Sale

Borderlands 3, which was once one of the Epic Game Store Mega Sale’s headline deals, has had its preorders temporarily disabled on the site. Initially, it was part of the sale’s blanket discount taking $10 off any game priced above $15.

It isn’t the first game to drop out of the Epic Games Store’s inaugural Mega Sale. Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2, another hotly anticipated game, was pulled from the store during the sale’s first day. Paradox Interactive, the developers of Bloodlines 2, said that any purchases made at the discounted price before the game’s removal would still be honored. A 2K spokesperson told Ars Technica that the same would be true of Borderlands 3 preorders made during the sale.

Even aside from these two high-profile games being removed, the Epic Mega Sale has been tumultuous. Supergiant Games’ latest title, Hades, juggled its price during the sale, starting at $6.99 before being raised to $14.99 and finally settling on $9.99.

Twitter users have also complained about shifting prices, other game removals, and purchases being denied. The last issue comes up because the Epic Store doesn’t have shopping cart functionality, meaning that games must be purchased individually. Making too many purchases in a short time can get your credit card flagged as stolen and prevent further transactions.

Despite all its problems, the Epic Mega Sale is still running until June 13, and features some great deals — at least for now.